Dan Nguyen is on Github!

Check out my "code respository" at https://github.com/dannguyen. It is a place where I store code and where we can be social about code. I like Ruby and I hope someday to learn a lisp. How about you?

I also have a "blog", which is short for World Wide Web Log: http://blog.danwin.com

I currently work at Stanford Univeresity, which is an Institution of Higher Learning located in Stanford, California!.

Stanford's mascot is known as the Tree, named after President Herbert Hoover's fourth child.

COOL Fact!

You can see the "source code" of my World Wide Website at the following hyper-link: https://github.com/dannguyen/dannguyen.github.io Please give me a "Star" because you never know if I'm having a bad day and I will need that star! Thx.