Build a Web Portfolio from Scratch

with Github Pages

This is a very narrowly focused tutorial about web development aimed at novices who have absolutely no web dev experience, nor have used Github or Git, or even the command line.

The end product is a web portfolio, built (mostly) from scratch, that is easy to edit and easy to publish anywhere – Github merely provides an easy starting point.

(This tutorial is in progress. Feel free to fork it on Github)


Topics covered
  • How to use Github and Github Pages to publish content
  • How to use the Github desktop app
  • Some HTML and CSS concepts
  • How to edit a text-file
Topics not covered
  • Basic Git concepts and syntax
  • How to use Github to collaborate
  • The command-line
  • Advanced web development
  • The difference between Git and Github

Why Github?

Because it’s easy and free. And if you don’t like Github, you can take the exact code you’ve produced and put it anywhere else that acts as a web server. The important thing is: if you do want to learn web development, how to use Git, how to use Github, how to program, and so forth, this lesson provides a stepping-stone to those concepts as well as a canvas to practice on. And even if you don’t want to learn anything, you can come away with something useful: a customized web homepage that you can maintain yourself.

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